Marty’s last day

Today was Marty’s last day at Escrow/Freelancer.

We walked to World Square for the last time.

Parted ways outside Kingswood Coffee for the last time.

I walked over to the Cidery after work for the maybe-not-last time. The old Scrow-bros crew came out for dinner and it was good fun.

Maybe I should’ve gone up to level 20 one last time.

Burn out

It’s only Monday and I think I can feel myself burning out.

AND break outs! 😱 😢 😔

Today is my 1 week mark of committing to the 10-step skincare routine. Although, I’m really only doing 8 steps, and 7 steps on days without any makeup. To be fair the 2 steps I’m missing (exfoliate/sheet mask) are meant to be once a week rather than every day.

Verdict so far: My skin does feel smoother! Yet to be brighter and glowing/dewy but we’ll get there hopefully. 😀

Any red flags? Volume of work is not a red flag.


Fitness goals summer 2017-18

Today was fun. After months I managed to convince Layla to come play.

and I got to demo a new racquet!

and also the view was 👌🏻

I need to lose 5kg.
I need to tone my arms.
I need to develop ab muscles.
I need to play tennis more regularly.

Tennis is so.. decadent. You can’t just pick up a racquet and have a good game. Like soccer, anyone can get up and start kicking a ball around and have fun. But tennis, you need years and years of practice just to play a shitty game.

– B. Watkinson, 2017