Cool shit I did in 2018.

I flew home from a magical getaway at Coffs Harbour today. I scrolled through a long Instagram feed of other people’s magical moments, read their reflections, regrets, ambitions and promises for the new year and it got me thinking..

So here’s the stuff I can remember that I did in 2018!  (* = first time)


Watched the Cricket Ashes* at the SCG with my work

Went to Australian Open*, saw the GOAT and many other superb athletes like Elina Svitolina.

Spent Australia Day at Brady’s (usually with MPA) and met the chillest dog.


Attended St.Jerome’s Laneway festival* saw Basenji, A paak, Mac deMarco, Odesza, War on Drugs                                 

Did a walk around Watson’s bay with Safraaz


Jetboating* along Sydney Harbour on Marty’s birthday

Went to Jamabaroo* with Brady & friends! We made a fire!*


Went to the Royal Easter show*             

Advanced to Intermediate tennis


Went to VIVID                                                 

Went to Lockley’s Pylon* with MPA       


Attended Tom & Becs wedding

Joined a kickass company and made cool friends, actually enjoyed events with clients/company xmas party/dressed up as Wally during comic book party


Started Invisalign (bonus: this was a new year resolution)

Went to Kingdom Hearts orchestra (* inside the opera house)

Saw Kendrick!*                                                                                  


Went axe-throwing* as part of work team building

Watched an NRL game live* courtesy of clients


Cut a big amount of hair off

Picked up Yoga

Went to Mr. Wong’s* for crabilicous birthday dinner


Went to PAX* and saw Jordan Mays (Elfishguy) casting live!*

Went to Melbourne with dinner crew + other fine dining stuff


Played lawn bowls* during team outing

Went to Tokyoooo*  and did a bunch of things like omakase, robo restaurant, emperor’s castle, ghibli, arcade games, almost saw fuji (+ bonus NYR to visit Japan)

Went on scary monkey hike in Hong Kong

Did a few more longer solo drives (NYR)

Went to Dangar Island* for fun times    


Went on bridge climb*, hyams beach*, and the blue mountains with my sister

Holidayed in Coffs Harbour* for the new year with mpa

Swam in freshwater* + under a waterfall* + drank fresh water*


2019 started off with a sandstorm and I’ve face my fears and accomplished a jetty jump*!

Going to watch Anderson Paak, Sydney International, Ultra festival and hopefuly plenty more, will also write a new NYR list soon!