Boxing Day

I forgot how crowded it could get in the city.

I thought I’d go out for some fresh air since I’ve been home for 2 whole days.

I mean there are sales everywhere but I didn’t think they were that huge and unmissable/lifechanging.

In all honesty, while in the city I was just watching the cars and roads lots because there were sooo many people and with the recent incidents of mad men mowing people down in the city. Today really was the prime time for it.

I’m so morbid.

Anyhoo, it was nice getting out 🙂

Bf goes to tennis for 2hours, comes back,

“I want a dog”

On the last Friday after work of 2017

*Edit: Later, during the night of Christmas Eve, I watched an episode of The Ancient Magus’s bride and the protagonist Chise was confiding in Lindel how she has struggled to say certain things and ask certain things of Elias.

Lindel says

“Some words ripen with age, some lose their colour”


Words are really powerful.

It’s both a blessing and curse I think.

Sometimes people say words to hurt you but you know they’re mad, its the heat of the moment so you let it go.

Sometimes people say words to hurt you and you know its intentional.

Sometimes people say words to hurt you but you don’t understand that it was meant that way so you shrug it off.

Sometimes you hear words that were not meant for you and it shakes you when understand who its for and what it means.

But sometimes people say nice things and you didn’t think you deserved to hear it 😀

or they say nice things and you’re grateful someone noticed and appreciates you.

Sometimes it just happens out of nowhere, and you’re not having a bad day at all and you hear some unexpected words from an unexpected someone and it really makes you think how powerful words can be.

You’re the best thing that’s happened to me since I woke up this morning!

2018’s first resolution

It’s reaaaal close to the end of the year.

Gotta start writing my list of resolutions – I’ve actually met at least one of 2017’s resolutions woohoo! (I can’t actually remember what else I wrote but I shall look it up on New Year’s Eve)

Resolution 1: Read a new book every month.

Seems pretty achievable and I really want to spend my time after work and on the weekends more wisely, I should stop napping so much :/

I’m actually going to .. get a headstart should I say? on my first resolution because I bought a book a week ago and am very much enjoying it. And on Wednesday, 20 Dec, some lucky soul will also get to enjoy this book. *wink

I’m going to revise my resolution actually, because I dream of the day I can *cough* afford a house, which has a spare room, which I will make into a library. It shall be a room with shelves filled with books from floor to ceiling. The room will be have handmade carpets and a chandelier in the middle. There’ll be a bay window with the most plush cushions, and heavy curtains to block out the light if I ever want to.

So I need to start my book collection now as all the books I’ve read have been borrowed or are back home in Singapore.

2018, Resolution 1: Buy and read a book every month.

Ready Player One


2017 is fast coming to an end. What have I done so far? I remember being really pleased with 2016, but 2017’s been pretty good too.


I started the year..

Flying home from an insane week in Melbourne, to a New Year’s Eve party at Zach’s where Brady climbed a crane to see the fireworks, into Field Day!


The first half of the year was eventful with things like..

Building a ghetto slip n slide on Australia Day

Celebrated our 1 year anniversary with Marty

Finally got my Ps!

Had a small roadtrip to Woolloongong.


Later on in the year I..

Applied for my Australian PR and got medicare!

I bought and killed my first succulent

Went fine dining at several fine places like Monopol, Nel, Hubert, Sake, Toko and less fine was going to Spice Alley for the first time!

Took a week off work to shred the pow at Perisher with the Men + Assets crew

Visited Taronga Zoo at night during VIVID

Visited Taronga Zoo again on my birthday! + 12 free passes!

1 year at TBWA!


Other small(er) things..

I had picked up Tennis in Dec 2016 and continued to play all throughout 2017.

Watched a whole heap of anime – Naruto deserves a special mention

I joined #teampixel most recently

Dyed my hair rather dramatically


One of if not my happiest weekends, was the October long weekend where I experienced my first car breakdown with the kindest and most accomodating group of friends who I had only met a few minutes prior! I went on to cross-country ski for the first time and it was glorious~

In 2017, I travelled with Marty to the United States and descended upon New York City after years and years of yearning. As well as revisited San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. That trip made me seriously consider getting out of Sydney.


The year’s not over yet, there’s still more to come in 2017!

Like the TBWA Christmas party tomorrow, the launch of Circle by Brady next week~

And for 2018, I’ve got a trip to the Australian Open planned in January as well as a ticket to St. Jerome’s Laneway festival!


I joined #teampixel on Monday, 27th November 2017.


First thoughts:

Defs not a perfect phone.

Don’t like: the lack of Sound > Vibrate > Mute toggle

Fingerprint sensor bit weird.

Google Assistant is pre sassy


After 1 week thoughts:

It’s pretty damn goooooood.

So fast!

Used to the fingerprint sensor now and the layout of all the buttons.

Getting used to using Do Not Disturb and Night Light mode, like it much more than I did previously. Not sure if I can go back to not having those functions now 😮


Honestly haven’t even tried the one function I bought it for: THE CAMERA!