The 2018 apocalypse?

OK Sydney’s weather officially has me freaked out.

From the hottest day in 80 years over the weekend to sudden storms, I actually am fearing that the world is ending.

The new train timetable has already disrupted the entire of Sydney’s commute but now with all the water damage and track flooding, who knows how long it’ll take to get anywhere. I live 1 stop away from Central and I couldn’t get a train ride home, I had to resort to … the bus. ._.

I have this feeling that there will be heavy structural damage from the constant temperate change but also a new disease will manifest and claim the lives of many.

The weather around the globe seems to be exceptionally bad. America is freezing over, even the Sahara desert is covered in snow, a dormant volcano in Papa New Guinea has erupted..

God save us all.