Digital declutter

I picked up the latest Pixel (the Pro 8, decided to go BIG) during boxing day sales and it arrived today. But I’ve yet to set it up as I told myself I needed to purge some old aerial videos before I could use it. My Google cloud storage has been precariously at 95-98% full for the past year, threatening me daily that I would not be able to store new pictures or receive emails.
(On that note, c’mon Google, why don’t you have a storage tier between 200GB and 2TB? With your increasingly high-quality cameras, 200GB is consumed so quickly, I’m sure you know that.)

I spent much of the afternoon watching video after video of me with micro-bent knees, sickled feet and a shockingly rigid back. I’m equally embarrassed and amused at my poor form back then, and a little proud of how my lines have improved (more ballet let’s go!).

Most videos are lots of running around, rolling around, prancing around, yelling at someone to spin me and barely any actual technique. Why did past me let the camera run for 5 minutes capturing one half-assed skill in the middle???



But what really stood out while I was watching past me was that I looked SO happy.

It’s usually cringe to watch myself or hear my own voice/laughter but today I felt like I was watching someone else.

She was so happy.



Late 2020 was a time of joy, coming out from the first lockdown but also the period where I was so new to the sport. There was a lot of joy in learning new moves, lots of instant gratification from pretty shapes. It takes months to learn a new trick now.

But I bet I was also really content in life back then.
I just radiated happiness in all those videos.

Can I get that again please? Soon?