His dream come true

Last night I saw an Instagram story from Jon, it was picture of the Riot Games office

“this still feels like a dream”

I met Jon in League of Legends about 10 years ago. I was Janna, he was Yasuo. We clicked instantly, flirted aggressively and we played lots together for several weeks.

It was through Jon that I met Marty in that fateful custom match.

Jon always wanted to work for Riot, he loves the game more than anyone I know. It was probably the first time I had ever seen a creative resume (not that I really had a proper resume at all yet, and tbh I still don’t know if recruiters like them). He had photoshopped the ranked profile page as his template, put his headshot in the profile icon section – he looked like a young Tom Fletcher (from McFly) and his strengths were displayed as infographic dials. I was so impressed I was like “They’ll hire you for sure!”

It’s been about 10 years since then, and now he’s made it. He’s achieved his dream of working for Riot.

As I continue stumbling through my career, trying to wade out of my depressive phase, Jon’s journey seems like a beacon of hope to me. I still don’t know what I want in life. What is it that will give me fulfilment? What am I good at, how can I use what I’m good at? I have had so many wild thoughts, I’ve taken some small steps, made some decisions lately that may chart me on a new course, only time will tell.



His picture is burned in my brain.

I hope in 10 years time, I can look back at the 10 years since 2024 and be like, yeahhh, the pain was worth it.