And here we are, January 1st, 2021.

We did it!

Plenty of ink has been spilled about how awful 2020. As early as March, people were done with the suffocating year and ready for today.

Today, we stand at over 83 million infections and 1.8 million deaths worldwide, with a new mutated strain emerging in the United Kingdom. Just over a century ago, the Spanish Flu killed about 50 million people over 2 years. It’s terrifying, isn’t it?

I was pretty fortunate in 2020.

In January, I was lazing in a resort in Cancun, Mexico, blissfully unaware of the storm about to hit.

I got a new job (and still have it).

Marty & I moved into a bigger apartment a couple of months ago and while all I seem to do at home is clean, I’m really happy about the space I have.

We bought a car, yay! Her name is Maeve.

We bought several new house plants and killed just one c:

Because of the changed way of working in 2020, we spent a week in Coffs Harbour working remote – and it was incredible. The 5 other people there were each individually motivated and disciplined during the day. The accommodation was spacious with multiple working spaces so everyone could have 2 rooms to themselves.

While I couldn’t travel overseas, I went cross-country skiing with the best people and learnt to make a good sandwich!

A day before the borders shut down due to the recent Avalon cluster, we arrived in Melbourne and had a full week of fun over Christmas. I finally got to see the adorable Philip Island penguins and dipped in the natural geothermal springs in the Mornington Peninsula.

I said goodbye to some friends as they moved overseas, and welcomed some back.

I moved up in levels in all three aerial apparatuses at the cost of my tennis lessons, but that’s a happy trade. I’ve always loved dance.

I spent a good 6 months this year in the virtual world of Final Fantasy 14 and made a tonne of friends there.

I don’t hate 2020 as many do. It was different, it was a nice break for me. Everything moved slower and I had time to discover new things. I gained more discipline and patience. I’ve grown to appreciate and see the beauty in everyday things and unseen things. I’m more open-minded and accepting and just a whole lot calmer than before.

So, thank you and goodbye 2020.