Day 6

I started my day chatting to Kitty and signing relevant papers for pay/tax/super today. As I left the third floor, Clint told me to deliver 2 gummy snakes to Gemini. Cute.

It was a pretty chill day, though I sat in during a small meeting for once. Yay!

Honey came to me after lunch and gave me a rather long pep talk about how I can achieve anything if I put my heart to it and that at TBWA I’m never alone, I will always have support. I know she’s got a disability but I don’t want to ask what, she told me today she was hired specifically because the company wanted a disabled worker. Wow, I didn’t even know that was a thing. She seems so confident, so happy, so proud of herself, she’s just a walking inspiration.

I think Honey is psychic as well, it’s so odd. She tells me I don’t have to feel like a victim or be afraid to show my creativity. It’s like she knows I’ve been bullied in school. She said its okay to be shy and one day I’ll become a rainbow, brimming with colour and everyone will see me in a different light.

Sometimes I’m not quite sure what she means but it’s really heartwarming to hear such genuine and sweet words.

Highlight: Keith barked and startled the receptionist/building manager who screamed. Literally every head stopped and turned to her. Embarrassed she stomped her feet and screamed STOP IT to the little puppy.

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