Day 9

I haven’t had a busier morning 😮 it’s Thursday already wow, I had my time to read my news at about 10:30am due to several duties piling up from the previous day.

Note: I wasn’t slacking yesterday, the DJs team is just really hardworking and stay back often.
Usually my tasks only begin after 11 and I have 2 hours of browsing news but today was different.

A huge Australian cattle/shepherd dog cross something called Hooli is in today. HE IS SO FWUFFY. I’ve tried fervently to snap a photo of him and get a pat but he was busy attending meetings in the morning.

I succeeded finally in the afternoon, I’m sure the other departments of TBWA are amused by my constant pacing and searching for Hooli.

I realize as my days go by I have lesser to write, probably because I’m used to the work now and things I found fascinating are not so much now D:

Highlight: Today was the first time I ever saw Timtam leave the office for lunch! You go girl <3

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