Day 10

I was greeted by a candy cane on my keyboard this morning as it was Christmas in July. I’m quite unsure how I was so blind and only saw it on my desk and thought I was special.

Candy Canes

Upon further inspection, everyone had one
I can’t believe its the end of my second week @ TBWA today. This week has just flown by. Timtam thinks its because I’m accustomed to the tasks now.

I learnt how to do expenses today and helped a team member claim back almost $2000 in taxi fares from working late and traveling to meetings. Wowza.

Hannah's cake

Honey’s mom baked a lovely cake for the Christmas in July event. Everyone was really busy still, pushing deadlines so I didn’t stick around for the event.

Highlight: I noticed a photobooth upstairs and asked Timtam if she could spare a couple minutes to stop time with me, but she said no sadly. With a heavy heart I packed up to leave, I was just saying goodbye to the others when Timtam zipped past me and grabbed me and said “It’s now or never!”


Thank you for immortalizing our friendship.

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