Day 18

wooo busy morning, proof-reading,cross-checking changes with admation. I have the eyes of a hawk!

Timtam sounded sniffly this morning which prompted me to swing by S to ask how he was feeling today, he said great but he didn’t sound so great. I can see in his eyes he has no guilt whatsoever in spreading his sickness, in fact, I don’t feel 100% myself šŸ˜›

I can’t say this applies for all workplaces but in most, I reckon there’s just this one person who is a critical team player. For me that’s my first mate. He came in late today and it was just hectic in the morning. Timtam and I were playing the proofreader roles but even with all my coachingĀ I still was apprehensive about green-lighting certain copy changes. Timtam entrusted me with checking every board in his absence.

I joined in for a meeting where we were briefed on our newly acquired client. I rather excited to see this campaign come to life :DD Can’t say too much right now, because well, nothing’s been formulated yet.

Some time in the day, Glamandy said I would have to seek approval from Lily after the client’s seen the artwork. I always mix Lily and Lavender up. They sit facing each other, separated by two giant screens. I feel like Lily’s name matches Lavender’s face and vice versa. I shared that sentiment with Rapunzel who laughed quite hysterically at me.

Highlight: It appears Christmas catalogue items have arrived for shooting woohooooo

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