Day 29

I had to run to the doctor today and was late and my first mate, who has renamed himself to Major Blunder  (pun fully intended) was worried. d’aaawww

On my way to work I noticed an email from someone I hadn’t heard of before, and you know how notifications on your phone don’t display the full email title, I saw “evaluation” and had a little shock. I mean, jesus, I’ve been worrying about my future from my 3rd week and I just got ‘rejected’ sort of the day before and suddenly there’s an evaluation?!

Silly ol’ me didn’t have to worry at all as it wasn’t an email directed personally at me but rather, it was from our president and was sent out to every employee.

I had a few new tasks to do today, I was in charge of creating an asset library and helping antman who was actually helping doubleb on some customer portraits.

Kitty swung by at 5pm to deliver some exciting news.

Highlight: We did get our coffee/hot chocolate meeting but Major Blunder blundered and we left without paying oops! He did go back later, apology and cash in hand.

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