I’d like to document that today, 26 July 2018, I feel really happy, as I sit at home alone, close to the heater, fresh out of a shower and with food just delivered.

It’s not that something special happened today, I’m just having a happy time. I just saw Kendrick last night with a bunch of special friends, some of us saw the Kingdom Hearts World Tour Orchestra just a week ago. I’m having a great time at work and love my colleagues and really look forward to each day. I feel so comfortable with other things in my life like progressing in tennis, discovering new anime, going fine dining with my usual crew.

I sure hope this happiness keeps going for awhile, I know things are bound to change but I feel like it’s been a long time, a long deserved wave of happiness.

I’m so glad I moved to Sydney.

It’s really changed my life.

Although it really was the butterfly effect of everything…

I moved to Sydney over a boy,

I met boy in an online video game,

I only knew of the game because I dated another who owned a cyber cafe. I often think that other relationship was a bad phase but it led me to here.

I had that other relationship because my friend from dance school introduced me.

I wouldn’t have gone to dance school if not for my stepmom, who I often criticise and whine about.

I wouldn’t have a stepmom if my dad didn’t work where he was and his marriage to mom was a good one.

Those are just the big steps, there were so many steps inbetween that led to where I am. And I can’t help wondering if my life was truly planned for me or were my decisions really my own and I made it to where I am on my own (after a loonnnggg string of mistakes, trials and tribulations).