Day 2

It was raining this morning, I left home earlier than I needed to so I could walk at an even more leisurely pace because I’m terrified of slipping and falling. I’m puzzled how shoes work. I don’t seem to slip while walking but when I stand still and I slide my shoe along the wet ground, the grip feels nonexistent.

As I walked along Pyrmont Bridge, I observed people with their large company umbrellas. I saw the Bunnings umbrella many times, must be a good sturdy one. Most of the umbrellas are black, grey or navy. I wondered if TBWA had a company umbrella. The bridge could use some colour. It wasn’t hard for me to imagine myself brandishing a large red umbrella with a white forward slash.


There were scrambled eggs and cereal in the kitchen. Kat did say there would be free breakfast every morning. I spot a little brown dog this morning, I’m surprised I haven’t heard any barks or seen the dog from yesterday more than once. I hope little brown guy will come visit me.

I overheard, well it started out as overhearing but became a conversation later, Jade talking to another lady about her experience this morning. Jade isn’t on the little map Timtam drew for me so I’m unsure what department she’s in. Basically Jade was walking to her bus stop this morning and after about 10minutes she suddenly realized oh! I’m not wet. And she looks up and the gentlest of men is there beside her with a large umbrella sheltering them both. Jade starts chatting up with this amazing man and they connect instantly.

cue sizzling electricity noises

However her bus arrives and she panics and jumps on, forgetting to get his name or number or anything! Oh dear. She only knows where he works so she tells her friend she’s going to LinkedIn stalk him. That’s something I didn’t think I would hear – LinkedIn stalking ..

I giggle at her story and Jade laughs embarrassed and says hello to me. I mention I’m the new intern and she says very excitedly “Oh! I’ve heard all about you, in a meeting yesterday!”

Oh boy Timtam, what have you told and to whom?

Today’s been a much busier day, I’ve been taught to check feedback from clients on AdMation and upload new revisions.

OH ! That’s it. Cheebs reminds me of a friend I know back in briz.

We had clients in today. Isn’t it funny how when “guests” or “outsiders” from another company come they whole office has to put on their best behavior. They’re humans too, with their own offices which probably offer the very same facilities like meeting rooms and nice ergonomic furniture and naturally, refreshments. I don’t know. I don’t get it. I for one don’t expect special treatment when visiting a friend or patronizing a shop unless it’s a service like a spa or parlour then of course I’m there to be spoiled for a bit.

Gemini came to me while I was picking up some prints. Honestly I was just wondering who this lady with the wild but pretty curls was. Why was she so concerned -would you be interested in doing some research? I could organize for you to do some competitor analysis perhaps? I’ll have a think. Okay Gemini you do that and alert me at once 🙂

I learnt AdMation today where I could view client feedback and submit prints for revision and approve the studios work. Ehehe. What power !

I left earlier than day 1 today because I really was unable to help anyone 🙁 tomorrow will be better !

Highlight: An excel file got corrupted today and poor Timtam typed her media schedule several times and it wouldn’t cooperate with her and ‘kept dying’ so I redid the spreadsheet.

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