Day 3

The sky looked at least 30 minutes late this morning. It’s scary when that happens, did all the clocks in the house conspire to trick me today? Did daylight savings or whatnot occur overnight without me realizing?

Silly me. It is Eid today, the most blessed day supposedly, I shouldn’t question the beauty of the sky today.

Honestly tho this sky. I can do ANYTHING today, it’s a sign. Inb4 I’m stuck staring my screen blankly today .

The walk to Pyrmont bridge was very efficient today. I mean, I’ve gotten used to the rhythm of the pedestrian crossing and can stride comfortably without stopping now.

I am sweating as I cross the bridge. Oh boy. I was almost going to have some variety and wear a dress today but I thought I’d be blown away. Should have trusted my intuition.

My worst fears were confirmed. I browsed feedly for 2 hours, at 11am I finally literally was given a job. I created a new job in the BBC system (God knows what that is) created a new job folder on our server and a physical job bag. Yippee!

Clients were here again.

I went to sit beside buddy KB, KB is my everything really, my mentor, my friend, my gay best friend, my imaginary dad. And I think he pitied me and taught me about proofreading.

He then suggested to the account director that I proofread and edit a catalog on my own!

“It’s boring but it’ll keep you occupied”

I never thought I’d hear such beautiful words.

Clearly I was wrong because barely 2minutes into explaining my task, I heard

“Ayeeeeeshaaa, I need you !”

The afternoon went by in a whirl.

KB remarked that I look like I know exactly what I’m doing, to which I affirmed. Yes I do know.

“You’re just about the only person here who does”


I actually had to stay late today. Wow.

Spoke to HF today, just curious, he’s working on a different catalogue to everyone else it seems. He’s envious that I’m in demand now and wishes he snapped me up when I was free this morning. :p

Highlight: Mandee branded me a superstar just before I left saying she wouldn’t have gotten through the day without me. I’m relevant ! I’m relevant !

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