Day 4

The clouds couldn’t decide if they could hold it in or had to burst this morning. Lucky I decided to bring an umbrella, intuition, I listened today. Curiously the first song on shuffle today was Intuition by CN blue 🙂

By the way making a conscious effort to use 🙂 smileys instead of the allegedly off putting (:

Utter nonsense.

I’m fairly certain the catalogue is due to be sent for printing today which means today should be the last hectic day and perhaps I’ll be able to grab Timtam for more office integration.

As an Asian boy held the door open for me I suddenly realized even though I take the same train and walk the same route and arrive at roughly the same time each morning i haven’t actually run into anyone on a daily basis. Hmm. Do these people not have routines?

I offered my services to HF today before I got snapped up by Mandee or Timtam. He looked rather relieved when I asked, he looked flustered and overwhelmed. When I handed some work back to him he looked like he was about to cry and said I was a hero, I guess I can begin designing a costume now. “PRODUCTION GIRL!”

Someone must have upset KB a little, I heard him swear and I offered a comforting smile. His frustration suddenly dissipated, he was ashamed and apologized profusely for swearing in front of me. I’m going to ignore the fact that he said im of a sensitive age, rather I’m going to accept his apology as it isn’t proper to swear before a lady 😀

While lamenting about my incompetence in makeup and how unattainable the looks were in the Beauty catalogue, KB mentioned he took part in an ad in the 1940s for Disney? I can’t recall. Oh my. KB is more senior than I expected.

Highlight: hm. Not sure about that today.

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