Day 13

Today was a hectic day. Following from yesterday’s research task, I had more paperwork to prepare for the workshop with MD this morning.

Timtam also left a note and a stack of receipts to help her with expenses when I’m available. I guess I’m now the Tech and Accountant on the team ahaha.

I was whisked away in an Uber at quarter to 12 and I stepped into the flagship David Jones store for the first time. My my it’s not just a department store like I thought. The small businesses like nail salons are by DJ too. I found my way to the DJ food hall and was presented with complimentary miso soup while the order was being prepared.

I was anxious as the Uber driver was waiting upstairs, on a busy busy but narrow main road.. in the rain. would he leave after not seeing me for 10mins?

Thankfully the Uber driver was still there! He drove a really nice car by the way, spacious enough for the 4 large trays of sushi, did you know that $350 of sushi is really really heavy? I initially thought I’d be walking to pick up the order and back, thank heavens.

We dove straight into the meeting when I got back. It was basically an information pooling session where MD and P asked survey questions to understand our new audience. So we have our new client, who wants to reposition their brand as about 20years younger. We harvested a great deal of information from the ladies in the workshop about buying influences, purchase process, what consumers looked for in brands and such.

It’s quite unfortunate that this new target audience has a rather negative impression of the brand, it’s going to take something truly disruptive to effectively reach them.

Highlight: Hooli was in today, he recognized me and greeted me today, he also had the sad longing look whenever I walked away XD

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