Day 14

I joined S in a photo shoot today, we had the joy of un-boxing 20 packages and photographing their contents. It sounds simple but the process was quite tedious and I imagine S would have been stuck in there all day without my help. Not saying I’m anything amazing, anyone could have helped him.

I’m honestly still amazed that things like Christmas and Chinese New Year catalogues are already being prepared. It’s only July!

I’m quite glad that I’m being given more responsibility and jobs to handle, it’s terrific! Granted I still have lots of time to browse feedly and read my several thousand subscribed articles, but I read them over shorter periods now as opposed to 2 straight hours of reading in the morning during my first week.

In other news, C.G left last week, today is H.F’s last day, next week Doll and Antman are leaving soon, whats going on ? :c I don’t think this bodes well for me.

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