Day 16

I didn’t have a very smooth morning today. Firstly my hair was a giant tangled mess and I had stubbornly refused to straighten it the night before and naturally regretted it when I got up. I’m quite sure I yanked way more strands than usual today.

My next ‘obstacle’ , I suppose I can’t call my hair problems an obstacle, they were literally man-made by my procrastination. Anyway, next, the train was stationary at Green Square for a good 10 minutes then rolled slowly towards Central and stopped in the tunnel for another 10 and finally the conductor announced that the train would be terminating due to congestion at Central. There were collective sighs from everyone as they shuffled out. Mondays huh?

I decided to catch a bus to work from Central instead of going on my usual way of walking from St. James as it was 20minutes to 9, the train wasn’t coming soon and I would still have to walk 30mins from the city. As usual, taking the bus was a disappointing experience.

I’m assuming everyone uses Tripview to check on transport status in Sydney. Railway Square is the first stop after the depot, so for a bus to be 10minutes late to Railway Square pretty much means it left 10minutes late from its depot. So basically I’m late because someone else is late to their work… ? I firstly can’t understand why a bus would leave its terminal late and then I can’t comprehend the fact that its lateness is actually ‘scheduled’ because Tripview knows its leaving the terminal late.


This is not even a rare occurrence, I’ve seen it so many times in different places. So much for even planning a bus schedule. The transport company just makes it up as they go.

Thankfully, I do have the greatest boss I’ve ever had.

Lana is back today! I introduced myself to her as Timtam did say last week I would love her. CS and Razzle are back from their snowboarding at Perisher, I am beyond excited for my first attempt at an extreme sport in a months time, although fracturing my ankle while jumping rope a decade go doesn’t really give me a confidence boost. Nevertheless I endeavour to conquer the slopes of Selwyn, and then, the rest of the world.

While walking back from lunch, Timtam caught up to me, ah, that’s twice I’ve seen her leave the office. She found me while I was attempting to catch a pokemon. I can’t describe how awkward it is to be swiping your phone furiously while your boss walks beside you. Technology, being technology of course never cooperates when you most need it to. (I know I can’t call Niantic’s random curve balls as technology failing, the game didn’t crash or lose the GPS signal like it usually does, but you know what I mean, I just needed to catch that 400cp Sandshrew and direct my attention fully to Timtam!)

DoubleB sent me on a delivery run in the afternoon, similar to last week when I picked up the sushi order, my destination was DJ HQ to deliver proofs. The office looks like the traditional office I’m used to with cubicles everywhere. DoubleB smiled as I got back, I don’t mean to sound like a stalker but I like observing DoubleB, because I like her outfits very much. She conveniently sits diagonally in front of me and today she’s sporting a thick checked scarf that I quite fancy. DoubleB’s hair also always looks on point, I can’t help but wonder if she’s born with it or maintains it well.

Actually, many people dress nicely here, I feel like the most casual person around, apart from Filch sometimes XD

I left work about 10 to 6, feeling slightly awkward because I know that almost the entire department would be there til way later to push out the catalogue for delivery. 🙁

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