Day 15

I got to sit in my very first WIP meeting today. It’s essentially catch-up meeting between the account handlers and production team to see where our hundreds of simultaneous projects are going and what’s urgent and what’s delayed and what’s changed.

During that meeting I came to the realization that I’m not as good as I thought I was. There is so much more going on in here than my tiny little brain can fathom.

It’s FRIDAY at least, everyone’s mood is considerably lighter. 😀

I received some compliments about my outfit today. I had worn a rather thin dress and a different winter coat today because of the rise in temperature of 8 degrees warning from trusty ol’ Google Now cards.

I made the mistake of getting a coke zero from the fridge, I swear that thing just makes me more thirsty. Also I had an unsatisfying lunch due to coincidentally poorly-timed events. (That’s an odd sentence isn’t it? I meant it was unlucky that several events occurred at certain times which changed my plans which led to me cooking something I didn’t really like for someone else who didn’t end up eating it so I had to)

Highlight: Almost got thwacked in the head by a large 2M-ish DJ art board. Yikes!

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