Day 20


Glamandy had to leave early yesterday and entrusted her work to me, which I feel like I dutifully carried out.

This morning, naturally, everything is in chaos and she seemed flustered and slightly displeased that in her absence other jobs were pushed forward and hers became well.. low priority.

Ah, such is the delicate nature of project management.

I can’t help but feel it may be my fault for not pressuring studio for her work to be completed by this morning. I’m not sure how much authority I have over other people. Sure I’m on the management team but my say has probably considerably less weight than the full time staff.  I’m slightly conflicted. Help!

Oh my god.

I have to type this part like a script for full impact.

[Int – TBWA office]

Captain is doing her own thing. She sees Razzles and stops to talk to him

Captain: Hey I had a dream about you last night!

Rapunzel, nearby, bursts out laughing.

Captain (turns towards Rapunzel):  No, what are you thinking, I ran away.

Rapunzel, laughs even harder

Razzles (with a very smug smile and walks towards Rapunzel while pointing at his chest): She ran away to me!

Captain turns back to face Razzles and smacks his face with her boards

Captain: OH MY GOD SORRY. I was running away from home and you were in a shop and and ..

Razzles: Was anyone else there? Rapunzel?

Captain: Uh.. YES, ponytail and CS were there !

Rapunzel continues to laugh hysterically.

Captain: I went to a fabric store, and you guys were in a secret room and there were two more people that I don’t recognize or remember, but yes ponytail and CS were there! (pauses) Should I not tell you next time..

Razzles: No no, I hope theres a part 2, tonight.

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