Day 21

I’m kinda in limbo today. Unsure of my status .. because my internship did end on friday but the team wants me on.


seems like a fair few people are absent today, razzles, doubleB, ES, CS, apparently everyone’s tummy is aching. (Edit: ES is on annual leave and CS dropped a cabinet? on his toe while moving woooops)

Funny because mine was in the morning as well, but got better after lunch. phew.

I think I really can’t function without food. After lunch I’m always full of energy and much more productive than in the morning. But .. I do get tea and biscuits or toast or eggs in the morning too… maybe I just still hate mornings, even after having a rather consistent month of sleeping around 11-11.30 and waking at 7. Grr.

A quote from my first mate after analyzing several boards together:

In matters of taste, there is no argument!

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