Day 22

Glamandy’s got a stomach bug so I’m in charge of one of the catalogues now HEHEHEHEHEHEH.


I got an actual taste of being a project manager today, I was full on running around, delegating tasks, checking statuses, getting in touch with clients while doing other little tasks like estimates, expense claims and archiving for Timtam and the DJ team.

A real job is so fun, and so tiring.

I also saw a rather interesting post on my QUT undergrads page today. It said “Hi my company is hiring! and then a list of about 10 different roles and a link to … dun dun dunnnnn Whybin\TBWA website!”

So… my company is hiring and several roles were for the DJ team, which meanzxzxzx.. I should *fingers crossed* get a contract soon hmm .

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