Day 23

I get to be PM in Glamandy’s stead again today! Yay.

Wednesday is Pastry day. I love pastry day ! 

Today was yet another hectic day for me coupled with pouring rain. I really dislike rain, only because I get almost instant headaches from a few raindrops on my head. I filled in for Glamandy for the morning and pushed lots of jobs out, guess I’ve learnt my lesson from the previous week.

In the afternoon I accompanied Gemini to Fox Studios to watch a rehearsal of the DJ’s Spring Summer Collections Launch. It was rather inspiring watching the models with the beautiful clothes, some of which featured in our catalogues. It’s quite surreal even, even though I technically work in fashion, I can’t quite grasp it yet.

I’m honestly so thankful for landing this internship, it’s opened me to so many possibilities that never ever crossed my tiny little mind + SQUEALLLSSSS as I entered Fox Studios my little heart started pounding twice its usual pace, because.. the dream! One of at least, the dream of working in a studio qq.

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