Day 1

It is 10.24am, we just had the agency all-staffer. IT has helped broadcast the AO on the screens, how will I get any work done today? I just want to chill on the couches and watch tennis all day *u*

Hot water still isn’t working on level 3, Melon popped into the lift with me as I was carrying my tea up. He ducked past everyone and stared at the empty space where Pepper usually lives from 9 – 6. He had the most sad puppy eyes in puppy eyes history. I wonder what can fill his void for the next 3 weeks.

I was arranging hampers and all I needed was the weight or dimensions of the box to organize a courier. I called our lovely friend at Trapezium who said she didn’t have time for such trivial matters and expressed her shock that we couldn’t organize for the merchandise to be delivered on our own. It seems like shes forgotten what we truly need is to raise the value of the items with some ink scrawled on. We cant organize delivery? What an outrage. Especially when I called at 10.30am and she said sorry its tournament day 1 and shes very busy and shes not even at the venue yet so hasn’t seen the merchandise yet. Great stuff Trapezium.

As I expected the daily content was not ready for the 4-5pm scheduled review. But that’s okay, it is day 1.

I have survived one day without you, only 16 more to go 🙂

Lozzie’s special note: I had a salad for dinner today!

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