Day 2

Today was hectic! Emails flying in and out, some miscommunication here and there.

Trapezium has delayed their delivery til Friday. Ummm..

After 3 days of silence, T-bomb’s replacement/colleague has finally reverted to me on all my emails yaaaayy! I was honestly getting worried she was intentionally ignoring because she didn’t know who I was. I guess it’s because she’s suddenly been given a whole heap of responsibilities and was settling in. Silly me.

Our content delivery process seemed better today with stuff being fed in multiple times a day, I’m really happy about working with Diamond 🙂

I’m glad AB will be back tomorrow, our desk neighbourhood has been real quiet with so many of you away. Which reminds me, I think Melon has already gotten over Peps, he didn’t come this way to sniff around when he was upstairs. Brutal.

Lozzie’s special note: The website maaaay have crashed for a few hours. It’s all g now, live onsite as well, and we’re at 300k points woohoo

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