Day 4

Feeling absolutely knackered this evening. The day seemed to drag on forever but at the same time fly by. I lost all track of time and only remembered lunch at 2pm. Even then I didn’t leave my desk and gave up eating to finish my work. The Dutch commented that I space out often and stop listening to him halfway. Which is true. But only because I have so much I need to keep track of.. I really don’t mean to. Maybe also because of Wednesday night tennis, I’m physically tired too.

AB got a call and picked up going “Oh hey Loz” and I jumped up thinking it was you Lozzie, but it wasn’t. My feelings were a mixture of “Lozzie called AB! But hasn’t texted me at all, no activity on social media, nothing” But those thoughts quickly vanished as coincidentally you sent me a text! And a photo! And a cat photo!

*dies inside*

You think Pepper has separation anxiety? I HAVE SEPARATION ANXIETY.

What else what else..

The “Engine” might very well have a new name by the time you’re back 🙂 I’m so happy that it’s finally moving along!

A window smashed today. Not sure how. Apparently it’s not the first.

The merchandise arrived today (the unsigned one), but they left out 16x of one item. Sadness.

Today is Thursday, and every Thursday we do the weekly. It seems like the weekly is no longer my guilty pleasure. I found it incredibly stressful to organize and complete in time, even though it was moderately sized and I started in the morning.

The Dutch said “Thanks, I know I only give you shit, but it’s good.”

And that’s about it.

Lozzie’s special note: Today’s moderation, which I only got round to doing around noon, had 11 responses. 11 ! I CC’d it to you just because !




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