Day 7

It was an oven out there today. Hot air and hot wind. Ugh.

aslfjhasjkd was wondering why I hadn’t heard back on a short moderation thread with 2 responses all day and realised it was sent to you by mistake. kms.

Started weekly deck today, a Tuesday! Can you believe that? Well Thursday’s Straya day and the entire team is planning to take Friday off or work from home. I don’t really want to be the only one turning up. Looks like we’re going to prep the weekly tomorrow and drop in new figures Friday morning and circulate a deck. Ez.

We had a coordinated team exit at 5.30pm again. Woohoo!

Lozzie’s special note: Our creative dynamic duo will be no more as of Friday. We had a farewell lunch for the Beard who is returning home to Perth to rejoin the company he interned at. I’m not sure how to feel because this time its actually someone I work with a substantial amount leaving. Then again I didn’t feel a great sense of loss after T-bomb left. Hmm.. keen to work with new creatives too ^-^

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