Day 5 – 6

Disclaimer: My draft lives! Strange that it was saved on work laptop’s browser window but not on my personal? Ummm..?

From my lack of update on Day 5, you can infer that I was too mentally drained to even complain about the day.

Day 5 wasn’t actually so bad, after all it’s Friday! Even if its the worse day of my life, it’s still Friyay!

I spent pretty much the entire day debating whether or not to go out because I’m young! or go home and crash. I decided on the latter because I’m lame and also because my anniversary is coming up in Feb and I want to save $$ and also because there are 2 slightly ridiculous birthday events in March and April that will burn a respectable hole in my pocket. BUT IT WILL BE WORTH IT. So I’m happy to sacrifice a couple or more weekends for 2 will-be-super-memorable birthdays (neither are mine).

Day 6

Today’s moderation thread was almost 20 enquiries long! It was 16 when I sent it because I left out Instagram requests. It’s becoming a nightmare. Help.

Wait sorry I lied, I just got the timesheet notification and Day 5, Friday was actually spent revising the weekly deck… let’s not talk about that further.

The day went by rather smoothly, many approvals needed approved, many queries answered. The remaining team (there were only 3 of us including me, everyone’s gone to Melbourne) were all out by 5.30pm!

Lozzie’s special note: Found a new, well not new, but new Japanese place today, outdoors but super cozy. Will bring you there when you’re not sick of Jap food! <3

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