On the last Friday after work of 2017

*Edit: Later, during the night of Christmas Eve, I watched an episode of The Ancient Magus’s bride and the protagonist Chise was confiding in Lindel how she has struggled to say certain things and ask certain things of Elias.

Lindel says

“Some words ripen with age, some lose their colour”


Words are really powerful.

It’s both a blessing and curse I think.

Sometimes people say words to hurt you but you know they’re mad, its the heat of the moment so you let it go.

Sometimes people say words to hurt you and you know its intentional.

Sometimes people say words to hurt you but you don’t understand that it was meant that way so you shrug it off.

Sometimes you hear words that were not meant for you and it shakes you when understand who its for and what it means.

But sometimes people say nice things and you didn’t think you deserved to hear it 😀

or they say nice things and you’re grateful someone noticed and appreciates you.

Sometimes it just happens out of nowhere, and you’re not having a bad day at all and you hear some unexpected words from an unexpected someone and it really makes you think how powerful words can be.

You’re the best thing that’s happened to me since I woke up this morning!

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