2018’s first resolution

It’s reaaaal close to the end of the year.

Gotta start writing my list of resolutions – I’ve actually met at least one of 2017’s resolutions woohoo! (I can’t actually remember what else I wrote but I shall look it up on New Year’s Eve)

Resolution 1: Read a new book every month.

Seems pretty achievable and I really want to spend my time after work and on the weekends more wisely, I should stop napping so much :/

I’m actually going to .. get a headstart should I say? on my first resolution because I bought a book a week ago and am very much enjoying it. And on Wednesday, 20 Dec, some lucky soul will also get to enjoy this book. *wink

I’m going to revise my resolution actually, because I dream of the day I can *cough* afford a house, which has a spare room, which I will make into a library. It shall be a room with shelves filled with books from floor to ceiling. The room will be have handmade carpets and a chandelier in the middle. There’ll be a bay window with the most plush cushions, and heavy curtains to block out the light if I ever want to.

So I need to start my book collection now as all the books I’ve read have been borrowed or are back home in Singapore.

2018, Resolution 1: Buy and read a book every month.

Ready Player One

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