Life – ON HOLD

I’ve been living in agony for almost a month now, but writing always makes things better.

How often do you get such moments in your life where you’re constantly anxious, distracted and sometimes de-motivated to do anything until this one thing is over?

Last week I was completely useless.

I was incredibly moody. I couldn’t focus on anything. I struggled to get up each day. But this week I’ve recovered and have much more energy, hah, energised while in agony. :/

Some instances (varying degrees) where life had been “on hold”

  • When you get a phone call from a hospital (overseas) saying your immediate family member was found and brought in unconscious by a stranger. When they came to, they insisted not recognising the location they were found at, the doctors requested a whole bunch of tests and you’re stuck on another side of the world waiting for the results. What happened? What caused it? Is there any permanent damage? How much will it cost?


  • When you are waiting for the outcome of your VISA application to determine whether you’re kicked out of a country you much prefer to live and work in and need to move back home or you’re all g.


  • When you have an important package arriving from overseas that needs to arrive by X date and you have no tracking information


  • When you find your dream home after months of searching and are waiting to hear the outcome of your application


  • When you’re a film production major and your university offers you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit and work at Warner Brothers in Hollywood over Summer break and you are 1 of 2000 applicants for 5 spots.


Please let this be over soon.

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