Today I’m flying home for a visit after almost 4 years. The last I was in Singapore was for my brother’s wedding which was on –

2nd Jan 2016

This time, I’m excited to go home and fully intending to spend all my time with family. I used to want to run around and be outside with friends all the time but I have very little desire to do that now, a sign of getting old?

This trip home is going to be a reset button for me.

I’ll come back 15 days later, just a week before Christmas.

The day I land I’ll will be moving apartments, I’ll need to find a new job, it’ll soon be a new year, a new decade.

2019 has been a strange year. I set up to accomplish a hell lot but I’ve met so many unexpected hurdles, I thought I had a routine from 2017 and 2018 but 2019 just felt off-balance. My habits changed, my perceptions changed, my lifestyle changed, heck even my facial structure and appearance changed. I’m going to believe everything changed for the better / will end up being a change for the better.

See you in 2020!

Or maybe slightly before if I decide to write about my trip! 😛